Petroc Sesti’s TIME FOLD launches at  ‘Sculpture in the City 2013’, the annual public realm sculptural exhibition held in London’s ‘Square Mile’ insurance district. The sculpture will be on show from the 16th October to December 2013 courtesy of the Boghossian Foundation, Brussels.

Special thanks to: The City of London, Whitney Hintz, and The Boghossian Foundation

Also showing at:
2013 – Theatre Du Monde, Maison Rouge Paris, Curated By Jean-Hubert Martin
2013 – Blue Route , The Boghossian Foundation Brussels September 2013.
2013 – Tsao Collection, Yuzi Sculpture Park, Guilin China.


Now in its sixth year, the critically acclaimed Sculpture in the City returns to the Square Mile with contemporary works from internationally renowned artists

Petroc Sesti Studio's inaugural digital installation was unveiled at this year's edition of Sculpture in the City in the City Of London, alongside Sarah Lucas, William Kentridge and Gavin Turk amongst others.

In Petroc Sesti’s piece, solar micro filaments travel on a digital canvas using exclusive, unprecedented 4K quality, giving us this unique insight to the violent beauty of Coronal Mass Ejections. The studio receives the latest Solar imagery monthly, to then transform and relay it to the public.

The added resolution acts as an ever-changing canvas to study, reconstruct and highlight the activity that makes up the anatomy of our star, and gives rise to so much on our planet. Through the monthly relays, the screens are refreshed with Sesti’s navigational edit into this footage, incorporating new moments of solar activity. 


Vanishing Point (installed 2014) was selected by Sheikha Moza and OMA Architects for the new Qatar Foundation HQ permanent collection in Doha built by architect Rem Koolhaas