Solar Relay is an installation that both portrays, and engages, the energy of the Sun. The piece displays and is powered by sunlight, bringing the viewer into an immersive interactive environment.

It being a self contained loop, the fact that the piece is independent and off the grid, are crucial. An artwork both responsive to and powered by its environment, that hopes to elevate and reconnect the public to the at once divine and destructive forces of our genesis. 

After collaborating with solar scientists for over 15 years, Petroc Sesti releases his most recent Solar installation where photovoltaic panels and space telescopes are both employed to capture light and power an artwork free of the terrestrial power grid. Only when sufficient energy levels are achieved the Solar Relay edit is activated, projecting footage in intermittent sequences.

The work is fuelled by Sesti’s interest and exploration of the convergence between art and science, and where they overlap in the study and representation of abstract states of matter. 

This audio visual manipulation of scientific data was produced by Sesti to celebrate the 4K resolution data obtained by the ground breaking work of scientists at the Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Allowing the viewer to study the arresting disturbing nature of Coronal Mass Ejections, high energy waves of particles that manage to escape the suns gravitational pull and head outwards into space. These are the same waves that create the Aurora Borealis our northern lights and are simultaneously responsible for damaging our satellite fleets and electrical grids. 

“Scientific break throughs and technology have brought us the means to study quantify and convert the medium of raw energy , I feel its our responsibility as artists to access this energy data by collaborating with scientists and use it as if it were a sculptural medium from which to create artworks for the public. It is for this reason that I seek to celebrate the singularity of such vast phenomena as sublime expressions of truly violent beauty”

Petroc Sesti’s ongoing research into creating contained environments for the chaotic expression of raw energy brings us the Solar | Relay. The Sun initially featured in his work in a previous collaboration with NASA in 2001 where he celebrated the 1st detailed solar footage from their ‘SOHO’ space telescope for the creation of Suspended Animation. The piece also featured the previously unheard sound of the Sun, today, the original score has been adapted to new material for Solar | Relay.


Now in its sixth year, the critically acclaimed Sculpture in the City returns to the Square Mile with contemporary works from internationally renowned artists

Petroc Sesti Studio's inaugural digital installation was unveiled at this year's edition of Sculpture in the City in the City Of London, alongside Sarah Lucas, William Kentridge and Gavin Turk amongst others.